Beach, forest and meadow

Møn Strandcamping is located in the middle of a unique, varied natural landscape in Ulvshale, which is formed by Møns Klint. The campsite is surrounded by the beach, meadows and untouched forest, which gives the area and the campsite a quite special atmosphere.

The campsite is located between the medieval town of Stege and the island Nyord, which can be reached via a bridge – and very close to Møn’s many exciting attractions.


Meadows and birds

The landscape around Ulvshale and Nyord has always been a meadow and pasture landscape, and thus a great pantry for the thousands of birds that stop in the Ulvshale and Nyord area every year. The area is also visited by rare species of birds, including peregrine falcons, eagles and cranes, which are not an uncommon sight in the area.


The forest

The forest by Ulvshale is unlike any other forest. The poor soil is the foundation for large variety of species and  at the same time the forest grows very slowly. The oak is the most common tree in the forest, however you can also find many other tree species.

The forest is preserved as an untouched forest, fallen and dead trees are therefore part of its appearance – they provide nutrition to the many animal and plant species. You can find many rare species here such as “Holwaya mucida” (mushroom) or “Dark crimson underwing”(moth).